Cairngorm Stoves of Grantown-on-Spey is an ETA partner and offers the full range of class leading ETA biomass boilers in addition to its range of wodburning stoves.  Made in Austria, ETA is the UK market leader for biomass boilers and has gained a reputation for building extremely reliable and efficient boilers.  Like any system, the boilers need to be expertly specified and installed and to achieve this Cairngorm Stoves has brought on board Mike Green who is highly experienced in the installation of biomass systems and has been responsible for the successful installation of over 100 log and pellet fired systems over an 8 year period.
A successful installation must be correctly matched to the heating requirements and lifestyle of the prospective customer, An important factor to consider is the economics of the system compared to both the existing heating system and other types of heating.
Despite the current very low oil price, it is necessary to take a longer term view of the cost of fuel and likely price movements.
In the UK, log fired boilers are a popular and simpler method of burning carbon neutral fuel, and is usually the least expensive type of biomass system to buy and install. In addition to this, the supply chain for logs is well established and reliable. The ETA range of downdraft log gasification boilers can achieve efficiencies of over 90% and will operate at high outputs for longer periods or can modulate their output when demand is lower.  The biomass system can also be linked in with an existing heating system which is especially usefull when no one is available to stoke it.
Alternatively, woodchip or pellet boilers enable biomass fuel to be burnt without the need for manual stoking.  The technology behind these boilers is well developed and they provide a reliable and highly efficient way of burning biomass fuel that better fits in with busy lifestyles. 
The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme means that domestic properties, farms or commercial properties can benefit from one of two government backed incentive schemes which are available for domestic and non-domestic applications. The schemes represent an excellent opportunity to obtain index linked payments over 7 years (domestic scheme) or 20 years (non-domestic scheme) which make the life time operating costs substantially lower than other non-renewable heating technologies.  The payment schemes are administered by OFGEM and are guaranteed and index linked for the period of the customer agreement.  Having carried out a large number of successful RHI applications Mike would be able to assist customers by filling in and submitting the RHI application on their behalf.